Hi, I'm Daniel Jones

Student - Businessman - Entrepreneur

Business Excites Me
Fishing Thrills Me

The endless opportunities and constant room for improvement excite me every day that I'm involved in business. Business challenges me and that's what brings me back every day.
The thrill of a fish on the end of my line and the satisfaction of understanding what the fish are doing never get old. Fishing challenges me and that's what brings me back every day.



I've been landscaping for a long time and really enjoy it. It's not challenging work but I can work with my hands and make yards beautiful.


I have lots of years of business experience and have gained valuable insight into what customers want and how to market yourself to them.


Decks are one of my favorite projects. Not only are they challenging, but the finished product will last a long time and is an extremely useful addition to any house.

Fishing Charter

I love fishing, and more than that, I love helping other people catch fish. If you're interested in a guide service, give me a call. I guarantee we'll catch something!

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