Why Starbucks Should Start Selling Clothes

Starbucks is an iconic brand with loyal followers who often have a unique taste only to regular Starbucks drinkers. They often dress the same, wear their hair the same, and enjoy similar activities. This is why Starbucks should start selling clothes. As you will see from several examples in Kotler and Keller’s book, A Framework for Marketing Management, there are many reasons this would be a good idea.

Reason number 1: Starbuck’s Mission Statement. Starbuck’s mission statement is as follows:

To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

Starbucks has an impressive mission statement

Starbucks’s mission statement is very profound. Nurturing the human spirit is a tall order, one that can not simply be filled with a tall coffee from Starbucks! However, Starbucks has managed to do it by creating a unique environment that people flock to and have come to appreciate more than almost any other brand created. A clothing line would add to this nurturing with a line of clothes designed specifically for regular Starbucks customers. Starbucks is also known for its environmental friendliness and producing clothes that are more environmentally friendly would be a great way to improve on its mission statement.

Unparalleled Customer Service

The second reason Starbucks should start selling clothes is because of the customer perceived value of its products and services. From their coffee and espresso-based drinks, to their coffee beans and even to their travel mugs and cups, Starbucks is a recognizable brand in quality, and if your product doesn’t match what you expect, they will give you a new product, no questions asked. Customer’s would perceive Starbucks branded clothes as high quality and worthy of the price they demand because of Starbucks quality in the drinks that it produces.

Selling clothes would help their brand image

Starbucks should also start selling clothes because it would help their brand positioning. Starbucks has created a brand image of coffee lovers who flock to their stores every day. They expanded into travel cups and mugs which added to their brand lifestyle, and a clothing line could be the next step for Starbucks. It would add to their lifestyle and would be a welcome addition to the branding position Starbucks works so hard to maintain.

Because of the brand that Starbucks has made for itself, it would not nave as much difficulty with consumer adoption and the consumer loyalty process of a new product offering.  

Pricing isn’t a problem for Starbucks

Pricing is another tricky area of new product offering. Companies want to show value and quality while appealing to as many people as possible. Starbucks has a unique brand in that it can and does charge a lot for its cups of coffee. The coffee is a great quality and that is why people continue to pay for it. This would be the case with clothes. Starbucks can charge more for its clothes as long as they are a higher quality. It also has more lenience and more elasticity with its prices’ since its is recognized for offering value and quality.

 Obviously, Starbucks has a unique opportunity to start selling clothes. A clothes line sold in Starbucks stores would add to its brand image and would benefit from the quality of its existing products and the loyalty of its customers. This would not necessarily attract new customers however it would create more revenue from its current customers. Starbucks should start selling clothes.


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