How to be Successful at UTM: 6 Tips
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How to be Successful at UTM: 6 Tips

UTM is a great school. But there are systems that need to be navigated around. Hopefully these 6 tips can help you if your starting at UTM in the near future!

Use your meal plan!

As a freshman, it can be easy to skip meals because caf. food really isn’t that great. Also, we do not have many on campus dining locations so it’s hard to find good food. However, eating good, healthy food will keep you healthier and help you focus more in class. Who doesn’t want that?!

Move off campus after your freshman year

This might be different than what most people might tell you, but I am a big believer in living off campus if you can. The price is a large reason for this and an obvious one, but health is another major reason. The dorms are old, dirty, and do not have clean air. This can be a big problem for your health. Additionally, dorms tend to be small and dark. Moving into a house or apartment can often improve your mood and help you to feel more open and get more sunshine.

Check before registering for classes

This is something I recommend for every college student anywhere but especially at UTM. Rate my professor is an awesome way to help pick a good professor. Professors can make or break a course in terms of how much you learn and how much you enjoy the class. Good professors can even persuade you to switch majors!

Meet Dr. Carver and become friends with him on Twitter

Dr. Carver is the face of UTM. He is a friendly, warm person who remembers every student’s name and everything they’re involved in. He can be a powerful connector for people but he is also a central figure at UTM and people routinely reference his active twitter account.

Compete in Intramurals at least once

This is something I wish I had done at least once. Everyone that compete is intramurals greatly enjoys the time they spend competing with friends but also in competing in general. UTM has a very strong and very active intramural schedule and Campus Recreation goes above and beyond to put events on.

Join an organization you really enjoy being a part of

Joining an enjoyable organization is a proven way to stay in school and graduate. Besides that, it can help you meet like, minded people and make lasting friendships. Whatever you enjoy doing, UTM has a club for that. I encourage everyone to find a club that participates in an activity they enjoy doing.

UTM is a fantastic school and I recommend it to everyone. Hopefully the tips above will help you as you start your freshman year at UTM.

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