I am a current student at The University of Tennessee at Martin.

During my time at my University, I have been active in the Undergraduate Alumni Council, the University Bass Fishing Team, The Student Government Association, and have served on several University committee’s. I am also a member of numerous honors associations and have made the Dean’s list every year I have been in school.

I chose The University of Tennessee at Martin because of the outstanding faculty and staff who greeted me warmly and immediately became personally invested in my success. Throughout my time here, I have enjoyed the University more and more and am extremely thankful for all the opportunities I have had.

After I graduate in May, I plan to continue the landscaping and handyman business I cultivated before starting college. This business gave me great experience and confidence before I started school and has been the baseline for all of my learning and understanding since. I am excited to graduate and begin building this business through the knowledge I have gained while in school.

My favorite thing in the world to do is fish. I joined the University Bass Fishing Team my freshman year and quickly fell in love. I bought a bass boat the summer after my freshman year and began fishing as many collegiate tournaments as I could. That is something I continue to do, to this day.

Business and fishing are my life however both have their place. I daydream of fishing when I’m inside on a rainy day but never while working. I enjoy every aspect of business and feel strongly that my ability to connect with others and earn their trust has helped me as an entrepreneur. I plan to continue using my business skills to grow a company large enough for me to hire a manager and move away from day to day operations.

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